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Cointeck is a well-known financial services broker providing a range of investment products in CFDs (contract for difference). Our aim is to help clients make the most out of online Cryptocurrency trading, access liquidity, and manage risk effectively. Our intuitive award-winning trading platform offers the opportunity to invest in over 40 world-class Cryptocurrency CFDs, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Dash. Our practical expertise, comprehensive technology and unparalleled network allows us to deliver an unforgettable trading experience, whenever, wherever.

We use state-of-the-art encryption technology as international banks and major online retailers do in order to protect your information, security and privacy at all times. While featuring around-the-clock live support and delivering world-class solutions to clients, we constantly monitor your trading funds and protect them in segregated accounts. We are obligated not to share your personal details with any outside agency or third party and operate under a guaranteed no hidden fees policy with our deposits and withdrawals process being fast and convenient.


We are dedicated to unleash your full trading potential and financial proficiency through our intuitive cutting-edge technology. Our vision is built on the foundation of mutual trust and respect between us and our clients, as we continuously strive to improve the range of services we offer. Our core values and principles are innovativeness, transparency and progression


We are fully dedicated to an unparalleled trading experience on over 40 world-class Cryptocurrencies. Trade with no commission or fees on our revolutionary trading platform. Enjoy 24/6 world-class support and dedicated assistance.

Cutting-edge technology

Our innovative web-based platform features progressive
analysis tools and fast execution, in addition to state-of-the-art
technological innovation. We constantly improve it
in order to optimize your trading experience.

Trade anywhere, anytime

Our intuitive mobile apps have been designed and built
individually for iPhone, iPad and Android devices to give you the
best possible trading experience and allow you complete control
over your account.

24/6 dedicated customer care

We are fully committed to providing you with all the support and
assistance you need in your native language and around the clock.
Our Customer care department is compiled from an expert team
of technology professionals, financial analysts and
trained account managers.

Safety and security

In a world filled with financial institutions, we take pride in
providing the strictest protection to your funds at all times,
keeping them in segregated bank accounts. Your trades and
private information are SSL encrypted and securely stored.

Execution Control

Enter and exit trades in a flash with a click of a button using
this exclusive platform addition. Control exactly when and how
your trades are executed. Our one-click trading feature
allows you to place a trade almost instantly.

How to win the challenge

Contest participation is absolutely free for all cointeck traders. Once your trading account has been funded, you immediately qualify for automatic entrance. The trader with the highest contest score wins. The contest score is compiled from the total amount of your closed trades multiplied by your account type weight.

Therefore, the more you’ll trade - the greater your winning chances are!

Earn Cash Rewards