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Cryptocurrency CFDs (Contact for Difference) provide the option to trade on the cryptocurrency market without actually owning any virtual currencies. While there’s a massive number of cryptocurrencies available, all with unique features and applications, those with a substantial market capitalization are still in the minority, and include the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, etc.

Cryptocurrencies are best thought of as digital currencies which are transferred between peers (there is no middleman involved, like a bank). They are also decentralized, meaning that they are controlled by users and a computer algorithm, as opposed to being controlled by a central government. Consequently, this allows them to be liquid not only during traditional trading hours, but also throughout weekends and holidays, allowing people to trade on them 24/7*.

Many people today believe that Cryptocurrencies are the hottest investment opportunity that’s currently available. There are many stories about complete strangers who became millionaires through a single Cryptocurrency investment. For instance, Bitcoin is the most recognizable digital currency in the world, and just last year it was valued at $800. In November 2017, the price of one Bitcoin surpassed $7,000.

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For example:

You buy 2 Bitcoins at $11,086.02 per unit (using our leverage).
You trade the BTCUSD and after 1 week you decide to sell your Bitcoin units and earn a profit
of $1,896.98. A week after you opened your position, Bitcoin was quoted at $12,034.51 (Bid price) to 12,075.21 (Ask price). You bought 2 units and paid $22,172.04.
You sold the 2 units and got $24,069.02. You earned $1,896.98.

You didn’t actually buy any Bitcoins or sold any Bitcoins at no point.
All you did was simply using our cryptocurrencies leverage and investing
on the market performance of the digital currency pair.


Even though Cryptocurrency trading is fairly new, it does not differ from any other form of trading. Placing a position allows you to speculate on a future digital currency pair movement by investing a reasonably small amount of capital without the obligation of paying any fees to third parties. As opposed to traditional trading, there is no real need to physically exchange digital currencies. Alternatively, what you are actually trading on is the price movements of your selected digital currency pair.


Leverage allows you to achieve an outstanding exposure to any financial market using only a minor sum of your capital. By doing so, you are capable of increasing your total profits simply because they are based on the entire investment amount of the position.

Profit opportunities

When trading in Cryptocurrencies, you have an opportunity to profit from both the rising and falling of ICOs prices. On top of that, this market’s never-ending liquidity guarantees reliable pricing at all times, including in high volumes and enables you to take advantage of the tightest possible spreads. 

Risk management

You can diverse your overall investment portfolio and control it by setting the stop loss/take profit parameters on your open positions. Doing so will automatically close any open position you have in the event that the price either drops/rises beyond a predetermined level.

Main Advantages:

  • No intermediary, no commission
  • One-click trade execution
  • Effective risk management tools
  • Fixed spreads
  • 24/7 availability
  • Fully secured and transparent


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The benefits of Cointeck:

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How to win the challenge

Contest participation is absolutely free for all cointeck traders. Once your trading account has been funded, you immediately qualify for automatic entrance. The trader with the highest contest score wins. The contest score is compiled from the total amount of your closed trades multiplied by your account type weight.

Therefore, the more you’ll trade - the greater your winning chances are!

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